cosmetic tattoo

eyebrow (manual Microblading)  $500+

This is what everyone has been talking about!  Come by for natural looking brows with hair like strokes.  Done manually, these brows provide you with a finished look that is amazing!  Please allow 3 hours* for this service.

eyebrow (machine tattoo) $600

This is traditional tattooing of the eyebrow.  The full service for a set of eyebrows books for 3 hours at $600*.

eyeliner $300+

This service starts at $300 for the upper lids and books for 2 hours*.  If you are interested in including the lower lids as well, the price increases to $450 and adds an additional hour to the service.

lip liner $300

Lining just the perimeter of the lips, this service lasts for approximately 2 hours*.

full lip $600+

Lining and filling the entire lip during this service takes about 3 hours*.  You can choose to line the lip in the same color or in an accent color.

medical tattoo

areola $650+

This service is perfect for anyone who has gone through breast reconstruction, breast augmentation as well as anyone suffering from chronic illness or disease that causes pigmentation loss.  Allow 5 hours* to complete both.  Price can vary based on scope and duration of service.

scalp $1500+

Generally done in sections it is most common that a client will do 3 sessions at $500/session.  Each session is scheduled for 3 hours*.  This is a great service for anyone experiencing receding hair, thinning hair or bald spots.

scar camouflage $300/hour

This service is for someone who has a scar in their hairline or scalp.  In as little as one hour we can camouflage the appearance of the scar to blend in with your hair.

*any service extending beyond it’s scheduled duration is subject to a price increase of $200 per additional hour.